New to pole dancing?  Then you want to sign up for our accelerated Pole Basics course.

Pole Basics Accelerated
(Introductory level pole course for the novice pole dancer)
Mondays and Wednesdays: 7pm-8pm
April 4th-30th

Spinning Pole (not for beginners)
Monday Nights:  6pm-7pm

Rotations on Static (not for beginners)
Wednesdays at 6pm-7pm

Private lessons and party classes are also available.  Please visit the “Classes” page for more information.

About Shelly’s Pole Fitness

Shelly has worked with literally hundreds of men and women of all ages, shapes and abilities.  Whether you are looking to try pole for the first time, you are a seasoned pole veteran, or you are a novelist looking to celebrate your next bachelorette or birthday party look no further!

In 2007 Shelly began teaching pole dancing classes to a trend setting , enthusiastic group of women in San Francisco!  Here she began to refine her signature pole style and class format to meet the needs and demands of her diverse group of students. Shelly has been teaching pole dance classes in the San Francisco Bay Area for over 10 years and brings more than  20 years of experience as a movement instructor in Pilates, dance, and group fitness. Shelly offers safe, fun, and challenging pole dance classes that cover all aspects of the art-form, including proper technique for dance and acrobatic pole tricks and spins, techniques for improving movement flow and extension of the body, and workshops focusing on how to choreograph your own routines for showcase and competition performance. In her classes you will find a progressive program for learning the foundational techniques of pole, as well as advanced level instruction in flexy and acrobatic pole moves. Shelly’s style of teaching is primarily influenced by the circus arts and also her contemporary and cabaret dance background.  She has received pole training from such renowned pole artists as Marlo Fiskin, Marion Crampe, Jenyne Butterfly, Felix Cane, JK Aloia, Pantera Blacksmith, Steven Retchless and Elena Anishchenko (to name a few).  She currently receives acrobatic instruction in pole and tumbling under the direction of Dominik Wyss.