Our Classes

We offer pole dancing instruction that suits the needs and goals of the individual. We have pole classes for bachelorette, birthday, and divorce parties, beginning level classes for the total newbie, advanced instruction for the experienced pole enthusiast, and hardcore, all encompassing, private instruction for those seeking to perform at competition level. or anyone who wishes to accelerate their skill level and refine their style.

What is it…this pole dancing?

Pole dancing is an artistic and empowering form of movement, it is an outlet for personal expression, and an alternative form of mind blowing physical fitness. It manifests itself in each person uniquely, in his/her own style; it can be very athletic and acrobatic, it can also be very sensual and personal. Pole dancing can be all of these things together and that’s what we like to teach.


In 2007 Shelly began teaching pole dancing to an enthusiastic group of trend setting women at Crunch Fitness, it was here that she refined her style and class format in pole fitness to meet the diverse needs and demands of her students. Shelly has been teaching pole dancing for over 10 years and brings more than 20 years of teaching experience as a certified Pilates, fitness and dance instructor.  She offers safe, fun, and challenging pole  fitness classes to people of all ages and abilities for many occasions. She combines her knowledge of body mechanics and human anatomy, extensive training in contemporary and jazz dance  and her experience as a cabaret dancer to offer the ultimate experience in pole dancing.  Her instruction allows her students to experience pole dancing as an artistic and  empowering form of  self-expression while getting fit.

Performer and Competitor

Shelly is a late bloomer with a ridiculous passion for dance. She holds the titles of 1st runner up for the 2010 USPDF West Coast Regional and the 2011 Pole Burlesque competition. Shelly also competed in the 2011 and 2012 USPDF Championships and 2010 East Meets West Tripole Challenge. A professional dancer, Shelly integrates her training in modern, jazz, and cabaret dance with the athletics of pole fitness to create her pole dance signature style. Her versatile style on the pole has been described as artistic and graceful, and also, fiery and confident with an emphasis on using dynamic accents and musicality to tell a story. Primarily a self trained pole dancer of over 10 years, Shelly has received instruction from Marianne Crampe, Jenyne Butterfly, Felix Cane, Pantera Blacksmith, Steven Retchless, Marlo Fiskin and JK Aloia, currently she is a student of Master Acrobatic and Fitness trainer, Dominik Wyss.  Shelly performs throughout the Bay Area on the pole and is also a featured artist with Red Hots Burlesque.


Alameda, CA.

Shelly is AWESOME. I don’t have much dance experience AT ALL – all the other classes I’ve taken make me feel uncoordinated and clumsy. But her classes are so much fun, and such a good workout, I keep coming back. Shelly is really supportive and patient, and nurturing. She will work with you until you get a move down, but she never singles you out. She’s a fantastic dancer, but she’ll break things down in easy to digest steps for us non-dancers. I’m proud to say that because of her, I’ve been able to do a lot of things I never thought I could. I’ve done a little research on how much pole classes cost, and hers are a real steal, including her bachelorette parties.

Fuzzybrain L.
Daly City, CA

I had taken some classes from Shelly and love it! She is very patient as it takes time for me to digest what she’s saying and think about how to coordinate my body parts. Shelly is so talented that she makes all the difficult moves look so beautiful and easy. Pole dancing is a great work-out that I’m learning and being aware of how to use different muscles, and Shelly is an awesome teacher!

Shelly is fun and I always enjoy the way she laughs. Plus, she is an animal lover…..my kind of people!m.

Fremont, CA

Wow, Wow, and wow ! Came here recently for a bachelorette party, and had so much fun. We had about 10 girls in the studio and there were 5 poles. We started with a warm up which surprisingly had us all sweating. We then learned some moves on the floor and then a routine with the pole. Shelly was great and gave us tips ! She did a great performance for us at the end, and I’m seriously thinking of taken her classes. It was a fun, sexy workout, and a great bachelorette party. Look no further 5 Stars!

Yolanda T.
Madera, Ca.

Those of you in San Francisco/bay area need to take advantage of Shelly’s pole instruction, talent and warm heart.

I have taken classes with Shelly at Twirly Girls Pole Studio in Pleasanton, CA. Her teaching style is with encouragement, supportive, safety and a kind heart. She makes it fun and enjoyable.

Each time with her I have an ah-ha moment and am thrilled to have learned something new, improved something and/or picked up a special tidbit of information and technique. Class time is focused on each student and is not all about her.

I look forward to more time with Shelly, whether in a class setting or private. That we have her in our own backyard is awesome. Even though the backyard for me is a 2 1/2 hr drive that is SO worth it.